At the core of our process, people. We are team of experienced designer working as a network sharing knowledge and ressources for every projects.

We do not pretend to be the experts in your field. We ask the right questions and provide an informed insight. Our aim is to highlight your company mastership and to rationalise processes accordingly. Good design raises margins.

Kristoffer Svedulf

Senior Product Designer MFA/Partner

Born 1978 in Lund. Educated at Institute of Design Umeå University and School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University. Started to work 2005 at Propeller a small but highly creative design studio in Stockholm. Founded Playful together with Robin Grieves spring 2010.
+46 73 648 86 94

Robin Grieves

Senior Product Designer/Partner

Born 1979 in Stockholm. Started of as a furniture carpenter but changed path slightly into the designers role through education at Nyckelviksskolan, Konstfack and California College of the Arts. Was at the Electrolux Design office in Stockholm before the employment by Propeller 2007 and founded Playful together with Kristoffer Svedulf in 2010.
+46(0)70 5445577

Amelia Chong Yue Yee

Senior Product Designer MFA

Born in 1980, Hong Kong, moved to Singapore in 1992. Studied and worked as an industrial designer in Singapore. Headhunted by IKEA Sweden in 2001 to develop new products, in 2006 employed by Propeller Design and in 2009 started with Bosign, generated Bosign brand identity,corporate visual guidelines and core values. She was also responsible for all product development, communication between suppliers and managed the design division. Joined Playful in 2012.
+46 73 081 14 52

Michael Bedell

Automotive Designer MFA

Born 1985 in Örnsköldsvik. After design college, he pursued his Master degree in transportation design and Bachelor degree in industrial design at Umeå Institute of Design. Driven by his passion with vehicles, he was offered the opportunity to work at Peugeot Design Lab in Paris for his internship and not long after in the major Swedish automotive industry manufacturer, Scania. Joined Playful 2016.
+46(0)70 0079750

Adrien Petrucci

Product Designer MD Born 1988 in France, after a Bachelor in Product Design he moved to Holland where he completed a Master degree at the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011. He then worked as an industrial designer in Hamburg for Besau and Marguerre Studio answering both commission from industries and galleries. He exhibited his work in Milan and Basel creating a valuable network across Europe. Joined Playful 2015
+46(0)70 7883726